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Welcome To Elkhorn Biomass

Much is said these days in regards to energy supply, demand, and cost. As world-wide fuel prices continue to fluctuate, and as societal concern about global warming increases, the need to shed our dependence on fossil fuels for the bulk of our energy needs becomes ever clearer. It is ironic that the solution is, and has been, all around us all the time—wood.

Biomass, which is the use of dead organic matter for energy production or idustrial use, is a carbon-neutral solution to many of the energy challenges we face. Elkhorn Biomass provides woody biomass products, materials, and services to industries and consumers in the Northwest U.S., and seeks to increase the use of woody biomass as a clean, renewable energy source. This website is built both to provide product information to businesses in the biomass utilization industry regarding our products and materials, and to provide information to general visitors about woody biomass and its many uses.

What is woody biomass?