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Wood Pellets


Perhaps the most versatile product from woody biomass utilization is wood chips. Converting logs or wood waste into chips prolongs the life of the wood fibers and gives the wood a wide variety of uses.

Portable Chipping

Often, landowners and forest managers will not have the means to haul timber to a plant for chipping. To accommodate our customers, we can do the chipping on-site. Please contact us for additional information.

Hog Fuel

Hog fuel is a coarse blend of chipped bark and wood commonly used as animal bedding. A good layer of hog fuel will keep animals dry during wet seasons, and breaks down relatively slowly for long life. Hog fuel is also frequently used at construction sites as mud control.

To order hog fuel, please contact us: info@elkhornbiomass.com

Wood Chips as Fuel


Wood chips are a potent thermal energy source (a single ton of wood chips contains about 17 million BTU, dry basis) and have been used as such for nearly three decades. In fact, coal-fired power plants, which supply nearly 50% of the U.S. supply of electricity, are sometimes converted to burn wood chips, as wood is a renewable and carbon-netural energy resource.

Wood chips can be used to provide heat, electricity, or both simultaneously (cogeneration). For more information on wood chips, please contacts us: info@elkhornbiomass.com


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