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Eco-Friendly Firewood™

There are many methods of home heating from which to choose. Our Eco-Friendly Firewood™ is a cost-effective means to provide ongoing radiant heat, while contributing to forest health and local economies.

Unlike some bundled firewood, our Eco-Friendly Firewood™ is derived from residual woody biomass—wood left in the forests by timber operations or from forest thinning. If not harvested for use as firewood, or made into other woody biomass products, this wood mass will either clutter the forest floor for years, or will be burned in slash piles. Either way, it is an energy resource that is all too often squandered.

Burning Eco-Friendly Firewood™ is a great alternative to heating your home with natural gas, fuel oil, or other fossil-fuel-based heating methods. This is for a variety reasons:

  • burning firewood does not result in a net increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide; on the other hand, burning fossil fuels does add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
  • utiziling timber harvest residues and dead woody forest materials promotes proper forest management, which results in less fuel for forest fires
  • firewood use supports local economies, as wood mass that would otherwise be wasted can be sold for a profit by land owners and forest managers
  • bundled firewood production creates jobs
  • harvesting residual woody matter facilitates watershed restoration and protection.
  • firewood comes from a long-term, naturally-renewable resource

Bundled Firewood Production


We currently operate firewood bundling operation at our facility in Baker City, Oregon, and have plans to open additional bundling operations in other locations in the Pacific Northwest.

In our operation, small logs and other waste wood are split, sorted, bundled, and loaded onto pallets for distribution to grocery and hardware stores, and to other retail firewood outlets.

For additional information about our Eco-Friendly Firewood™, to get retail sales locations, or to make arrangements to purchase our bundled firewood for resale, please contact us:


Firewood Operations Photos